Uluru Sunrises


I just quit work and my next plan was to move from Adelaide and check out Sydney. But this also gave me some time to finally check out the Outback.

After living in Adelaide for quite a few years, I never had the time to visit one of Australia’s most iconic destinations – Uluru. Excited to finally get the chance, I booked in a 7 day tour from Adelaide to Alice Springs.

While I won’t go into every detail of what I did  – there were some definite highlights worth mentioning, and probably things you should do or consider if you’re planning on going to this trip.

1. Early morning wake ups are in.

Uluru sunrise

While it may be one of the hardest things to do, and at times, what may seem almost unnatural to get up even before the sun does – early rises mean orange skies, crisp air, and the best lighting for those photographers out there. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally choking on one of those damned flies, while you literally drop your jaw in awe at the views of the sunrays breaking onto the horizon. Flies? What flies? Well that just leads me to my next point..


Not really a highlight, but still an important point to mention. I went to Kata-Tjuta National Park around March – so just the end of summer – and mate do I tell you, those flies are the most annoying things to deal with. I’ve noticed they disappear right after sunset, and reappear the moment sun does. With that being said, buying one of those nets would be one of the best investments for this trip. Note that they are also attracted to darker clothing/fabric, so unless you want a colony of flies to get settled on your back (or even front), wear some lighter coloured clothes.

3. Water, water, water.

Again, not really a highlight, but hydration is key. On average, a person is meant to have at least 8 glasses of water a day to remain properly hydrated. Out there… you should probably double that… The sun is strong and being outdoors all day only means that you’re gonna lose all that H20 through sweat you didn’t know you had because of all that dry heat. So make sure you drink water A LOT.

4. The hikes are the best bit.

Valley of the Winds, Kata Tjuta

We hiked every day on this trip. And they were all amazing. From the Flinders Ranges, to the Valley of the Winds walk (at Kata-Tjuta), to the Uluru Base walk, to climbing up the rightly named track – Heartattack Hill of Kings Canyon – all the views were  amaaaazing. All so worth the trek.

5. Starry, starry nights.

Being out in the middle of nowhere, and away from all the light pollution, prepare yourself for some dazzling star gazing sessions. I slept in a sleeping bag in a swag throughout my trip, and it’s probably the only way to do it. You only really realise how many stars there are out there, once all those torches are off and the night sky lights up. I actually spent my nights falling asleep to counting the number of shooting stars I saw, now how many times can you say that?

One for my ever-growing bucketlist, this trip was unforgettable as it was insightful and a definite recommendation for anyone even thinking of visiting the area – do it.

Kata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta at sunrise (The Olgas)

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