Franconian Switzerland in Photos

The scenery, the fresh air, the colours! What a great place to visit during the Autumn season. Franconian Switzerland, or better known as Fränkische Schweiz in German, is a gorgeous area where many locals and tourists can go and enjoy the fresh country air. The changing colours of the trees started to mark the change … More Franconian Switzerland in Photos

A Day in Augsburg

And southwards we go! From Bamberg, our plan was to make our way south towards the Alps. We chose the route to go via Augsburg and have a stop that’s long enough to get a self guided half-day tour around one of Germany’s oldest cities. We parked the car and went to find the tourist … More A Day in Augsburg

Boracay Vibes

Turning the wonderful age of 25, I was set to tick another thing off my bucket list…get my scuba diving open water certificate. And what better place to do it than in the island paradise, Boracay. While getting to Boracay is quite a trek, it’s most definitely worth the trip. From a plane, bus, boat, … More Boracay Vibes

Uluru Sunrises

I just quit work and my next plan was to move from Adelaide and check out Sydney. But this also gave me some time to finally check out the Outback. After living in Adelaide for quite a few years, I never had the time to visit one of Australia’s most iconic destinations – Uluru. Excited to … More Uluru Sunrises