Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef 1

Another tick off my bucket list – this was one thing I’ve always wanted to do ever since I moved to Australia, and probably even before that too.

After almost 6 years of living here, I Finally got the time (and money) to travel up to the east coast, the first stop being Cairns – pretty much the gateway to getting to the best spots in the Great Barrier Reef.

I’ve done quite a bit of snorkelling before and finally getting the opportunity to swim in the largest coral reef (and the largest living thing on earth), was an experience I was looking forward to for aaages. Plus, when Finding Nemo came out, that pretty much reinforced my love for the underwater life.


Diving right in, the water was just the right temperature, the sky was the right combination of blue and white, and the sea was literally filled with life. From actually finding Nemo (reunited) with his family in his anemone home, to Wally the Maori (humphead) Wrasse swimming closeby, to the cheeky zebra fish – where some may have nudged me because I was in their way, the reef was more lively and colourful than I expected. The only other thing left to see was a sea turtle. Now, not only do I want to ask how old they are when I see them, but I’ve always had a weird fascination over these majestic creatures. To my dismay, I missed out on seeing them on this trip!

One thing to note: if you do get seasick, then it is recommended to take those seasickness pills. I’ve never gotten seasick, but from feeling a bit ill the night before, I didn’t want to risk it and end up being sick the whole time on the boat and never get to snorkel! So I took these pills, buuut on the way back I couldn’t stay awake at all! I was literally going in and out of consciousness during dinner and completely passed out on my bed before even getting into my pjs. So if you do need to take these pills, take them with caution! And like that back of most medicine boxes say – don’t drive or operate any heavy machinery.

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