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Boracay 3

Turning the wonderful age of 25, I was set to tick another thing off my bucket list…get my scuba diving open water certificate. And what better place to do it than in the island paradise, Boracay.

While getting to Boracay is quite a trek, it’s most definitely worth the trip. From a plane, bus, boat, then car, we finally reached the busy White Beach. Separated into three ‘stations’ White Beach is pretty much THE beach to go to. Station 1 is known more for the bigger luxury hotels (which I would never be able to afford), Station 2 generally has more of the mid-range hotels with D’Mall very close by, and Station 3 has more of the budget hotels and hostels.

Boracay 6

A getaway from normal life, Boracay is full of adventures – day and night. It’s like an island that you never want to get off, filled with the friendliest people, so much food, and views that are so Instagrammable that your family and friends at home will think it’s fake. I’ve written a short list of things to do that caught my attention and thought I’d share to help get the ball rolling for other people keen to check out Boracay one day…

Must Do’s during your stay:

Scuba dive/snorkel

Boracay 7
The underwater life here is amazing. Great visibility, a plethora of vivid sea life, warm waters and incredible views in and out of the water – making it some of the main reasons why I wanted to get my scuba diving certificate here. If you aren’t much of a diver/snorkeller, there are plenty of other things to do too such as…

Sail into the sunset on a Paraw

Boracay 4
paraw is a sail boat that is native to the Visayas region of the Philippines, and you can find plenty of them along White Beach. “Peak hour” is around sunset, but for good reason – wind in your hair, water splashing on your face and the warm orange skies. Make sure you haggle a bit before getting on.

Cliff dive off Ariel’s Point

As I was in my scuba diving classes for most of the trip, I didn’t have time to try this out. But everyone I met around the area would tell me about it and it seems like a great activity to do to feed your adrenaline craving.

All you can eat dinner buffets!

Uhhh, do I need to say more?? Plenty of hotels on White Beach have these buffets – full of choice, and full of the best Filipino food. What makes it even better is that the tables are set up on the beach so you can feast it up on the beach, along with enjoying some live music.

Go on one of the many pubcrawls

Dinner’s done. Chill out a bit to digest those plates of food you just inhaled, and get some cardio going and as you go from pub to pub. With everything so close by, it’ll be easy for you to stagger, crawl or roll on back to your hotel room at the end of the night.

Obviously there’s heaps more things to do here, but thought this would help get things started! 10/10 would go back here again. Even though it’s a pretty small island, I felt like I needed more time here!

Boracay 1
D’Mall: Shopping area with heaps of cafes and restaurants

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