A Day in Augsburg

And southwards we go! From Bamberg, our plan was to make our way south towards the Alps. We chose the route to go via Augsburg and have a stop that’s long enough to get a self guided half-day tour around one of Germany’s oldest cities.

We parked the car and went to find the tourist information center. From there, maps galore. We searched through the plethora of maps to find the route that would cover the sites we wanted to see in the amount of time we had (oh and to find a good spot for some food!). The inner city is easy to get around with plenty of clear signs and walking was sufficient to get to the places we wanted.

Here were the main spots we checked out.

1. Golden Hall – Goldener Saal

I think it goes without saying that this is totally something to check out. You think, a golden hall that must be really cool, right? But really, it’s REALLY cool. Found in the Augsburg Town Hall, the high ceiling makes room for plenty of golden decorations, paintings and big murals. My jaw was open pretty much the whole time I was there (tip: bring water so that way your mouth doesn’t dry up from your mouth gaping open in awe!). The hall was first completed around the late Renaissance but was destroyed during the war. It was then restored in 1996.


2. Perlach Tower – Perlachturm

Views from the Perlach Tower
View of Augsburg from the Perlachturm

Once you’ve paid this one a visit then you can say that you’ve done your cardio for the day – 70metres high and with 258  steps, the view at the top is breathtaking – in more ways than one. During the 10th century (yes it’s that old), the tower was used as a watchtower and now is a great spot to get a birds eye view of this medieval city.


3. Cathedral of St. Maria or Cathedral of Augsburg – Dom St. Maria

The city’s ‘main church’ (there are plenty), this cathedral is a must visit. The architecture itself is pretty fascinating with its 11th century Romanesque  style with the added 14th century Gothic influence. We took a short stop here and walked through the church and admired the stained glass windows, organ and interior decorations.


4. Fuggerei

Entrance to the Fuggerei in Augsburg

We didn’t have enough  time to go inside but was able to have a quick peek through the gates. Need to come back here to pay this a proper visit and have a good tour of the area!


5. Kebab house – Pamukkale Kebaphaus

Oh man, the food here is just – yum. I had the chicken kebap and it was mouth wateringly tasty. Good for vegetarians too! It was a great spot to sit and recharge for our next leg of the trip towards Munich. It was a great day, had another kebab (yes we had two..) and onwards we go…


Who else has visited Augsburg? Where did you go and what were your highlights? Leave them in the comments below!

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