Top 5 Must-See Places in Bamberg

My base for this trip around south of Germany, I quickly got comfortable and felt right at home in this charming and magical city of Bamberg. Being my first time in such an old and historical city (let alone country), I was left in awe everywhere I went . It was like stepping into a movie set. The city, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an old medieval town full of history, cute little buildings (that I simply can’t get over), quaint cobblestone streets and charm that you just can’t find anywhere else. It’s safe to say that it’s become one of my favourite places in Germany. With so many amazing places to see, I’ve listed my top 5 spots around Bamberg which I think you just can’t miss out on if you’re visiting.


1. Michaelsberg Abbey – Kloster Michelsberg

View of Bamberg from Michaelsberg Abbey
View of Bamberg from the Abbey

Not far at all from the inner city, Michaelsberg Abbey was a definite to add on this list. It was going through a bit of a renovation when I was there, it still didn’t stop me from going to their garden area and absorbing those beautiful views of the city. Sitting on top of Michaelsberg hill, the abbey has some great vistas of Bamberg (day or night) and also has a couple cafes close by for those who want a quick stop before continuing with their city exploration.


2. Cathedral Square – Domplatz

Bamberg Cathedral and entrance to the Old Court

Domplatz consists of the Bamberg Cathedral, the Old Court and the New Residence. They’re probably found in all guide books and tours – and for good reason. Each with amazing stories about them, it’s worth checking them out and doing the tours if you’d like to get more intimate knowledge of the sites. If you’re not after any tours, it’s also just a pleasant place to sit and relax, people watch and wonder how old those cobblestone streets are (well, that’s what I was doing). It’s also just a couple minute’s away from Bamberg’s famous street, Sandstraße …


3. Sand Street – Sandstraße

Tourists visiting the busy Sand Street of Bamberg

Home of many restaurants, breweries and cafes, Sandstraße is a must to experience some of Bamberg’s traditional food and drink. Known for their smoke-beer, Schlenkerla Brewery is always a happening pub with well priced beer and food, not to mention (again) their specialty beer that may look like Guinness, but definitely does not taste like it! Sand Street also has a few souvenir shops and an all-year round Christmas shop (!)and it leads you straight to the Altes Rathaus.


4. Old Town Hall – Altes Rathaus

Old Town Hall of Bamberg in sunset

The infamous Bamberg Altes Rathaus is an icon to this city. It holds quite a bit of a history, where the citizens of Bamberg wanted to build a town hall but the Prince Bishop denied them of any land to build it on. As a way to get around the ‘rules’ given by the Prince Bishop, the citizens created an artificial island in the middle of the Regnitz River and built their town hall on there – pretty cheeky huh? The result is a pretty awesome looking timbered building in the middle of a river! There’s a couple cool bridges around here too, offering scenic views of Little Venice and The Cranes.


5. International Artists Villa Concordia and surrounds

Sunny day at Villa Concordia

On a nice warm day, this area is just simply divine. You have the picturesque Villa Concordia, the serene waters of Linker Regnitzarm and a beautiful park right by the Hain. This spot is perfect for an easy stroll and to just enjoy being the in the city of Bamberg.

And there you have it! My top 5 favourite (and must-see) sites of Bamberg. They offer you the best of what the city has to offer from its thousand years of history, cuisine and picturesque scenery – something for everyone. Any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below!

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