Underwater Hangs at Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef
Jumping into the reef

Ningaloo Reef, will forever stay in my top reefs I’ll ever swim in.

Why? Well there is a back story to this. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m a pretty big fan of the underwater world. The marine life, the colours, the serenity. I find peace when I’m by the water and more-so when I’m in the water.

One of the underwater creatures that really fascinate me are the majestic sea turtles. They’re just so graceful in the water and seem to be the utmost chilled out marine animal out there – maybe something that I was I was! I had the opportunity to look for them when I swam in the Great Barrier Reef – didn’t find them; had another opportunity when I went snorkelling in Hanauma Bay – didn’t find them; and then had another opportunity when I was getting my scuba diving certificate in Boracay – again, didn’t find them.

So, after going through three different countries and being unsuccessful in swimming with – let alone seeing – these underwater explorers, I resorted to the fact that I’d see these turtles in another life.

Cue, my arrival to Coral Bay at Ningaloo Reef…

When I got to Coral Bay, I opted for the day trip out on the boat with the opportunity to swim with manta rays. Unfortunately the manta rays didn’t want to play or swim with us that day but we still had an amazing day out in the water. (However, I will find you again manta rays!)

We snorkelled at two different spots: Lotties Lagoon and Asho’s Gap. Both so abundant in marine life including so many healthy (and happy?) coral. One main difference I’ve noticed between Ningaloo Reef with the Great Barrier Reef is that the coral does look more healthy at Ningaloo and there are definitely less people exploring its depths. I’d like to say that it’s the underrated version of the GBR.

Now, what makes this one of the top reefs that I’ll ever swim in? Well, you guessed it, I finally, Finally got to see and swim with these mythical turtles! And with probably 7 or 8 of them too… So I feel like that made up for all the lost opportunities at my previous quests. One of the curious loggerheads also came up and said hi!

So if you’re ever around Western Australia, go and see the reef! One of the best 👌🏼

Below I’ve just added a few more photos to give you a little taste of this beautiful reef:

If anyone else has been here before, would love to hear what sea life you saw? How was your experience? Where else did you go?

Feel free to comment below!

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